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Candle Making Machine

Our candle making machine can make candles with high efficiency. General lighting candles, screw candles, pillar candles, tealight, cup candle, Buddhist candles, cone candles.It includes A,B,C,D four different kinds(includes many model each kind) of machines for you choose according to your candle shape and size.And we could also customize the candle specially according to your need.

Melting wax machine

Melting wax machine composed of three layers (liner stainless steel plate, thermal insulation layer and insulation layer of iron), equipped with wax oil switch and put the hot oil port, according to customer requirements 220V or 380V high voltage line.The machine is an automatic constant temperature melting wax machine,  using electric heat, and candle manufacturing machine is usually used together, simple operation, efficient production, there are five models to choose from.